We're Being Watched: Big Business is Spying on Activists

Concerns about government spying, tracking and data collection have reached an all time high and Tuesday is The Day We Fight Back against mass surveillance.

Activists and organizations around the country including the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Freepress and Human Rights Watch are raising their voices against government agencies and corporations using far reaching, shadowy systems to spy on US citizens and innocent civilians around the world.

In solidarity with the national day of protest, Making Contact’s George Lavender spoke to Earth Island Journal’s Adam Federman about government surveillance of environmental organizations and the privatization of the surveillance industry post 9-11.

Federman is the author of the article “We’re Being Watched: How Corporations and Law Enforcement Are Spying on Environmentalists

Listen to the special feature and look out for our full show on Surveillance coming up soon.

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